Interior design inspired by the Carpathian mountains.

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About us

Carpathian Moss company was founded in 2016, based on a team of professionals, landscapers, horticultural engineers and specialists in sustainable design and architecture.
Carpathian Moss’s vision is to create a sustainable future for companies located in Timisoara and Romania, through sustainable landscaping and “green” interior design.

Handmade stabilized mosses, lichens and plants

Each process performed for the production of green walls from mosses or lichens, decorative objects and vertical gardens is monitored by a team of specialists.
Being 100% natural products, the materials used for the production of interior design elements are of the highest quality, from adhesives, pots, wall brackets to stabilized wood.
Muscles, lichens, grass and stabilized plants are living plant species, stabilized by nature-friendly processes, are non-toxic, are not plastic or other materials, are 100% biodegradable, protect the environment, reduce water consumption by 100%, offer natural and ideal humidity, no maintenance required.
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