The story

Carpathian Moss was founded in 2016, based on a team of professionals, landscapers, horticultural engineers and specialists in sustainable design and architecture.

In an overcrowded world in which it is build vertically due to lack of space, vertical gardens have become an urban necessity. The need for green, clean air, nature is increasingly felt by the employees of small and large companies and in general, by humanity.

In order to meet the need for greenery, Carpathian Moss joined the world’s largest producers of stabilized plants imported from Scandinavia. The company has an extremely powerful asset which is attested by the team’s know-how, acquired within the EMBA graduate in America, experience of numerous CSR projects reported to GRI according to UN requirements and courses in the field of stabilized moss and lichen decorations , graduated in the Nordic Countries.

The courses in the field of design, creation of green walls of mosses, lichens and stabilized plants lasted six months and were supported by the producers of mosses and lichens.

Values. Vision. Mission

Values: Carpathian Moss is a genuine brand, inspired by the love of the Carpathian forests, based on respect for nature and the desire to create a “green”, sustainable future, according to United Nations initiatives.
Vision: The Carpathian Moss vision is to create a sustainable future for companies in Timișoara and Romania, through sustainable landscaping and “green” interior design.
Mission: Carpathian Moss has the mission to create a natural environment, as sustainable as possible, in each office so that, according to GRI studies, the quality of life of employees is improved and by default the company’s performance. According to the business strategy, the trend in sustainability, the UN, OECD and GRI norms, the increase of the performances of a responsible company is directly proportional to the growth of CSR projects with an emphasis on environmental protection, philanthropy, human rights.

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